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GRSites Tutorials: Text Box Design
1) Choose a text box design
2) Select the text box's colors and/or texture
Check the tutorials for help with the color selector and the texture selector.
3) Customize the appearance
4) Choose the box size

All text box designs must have their fixed width specified (in pixels). But most designs give you the choice of flexible (automatic) height or fixed height.

Some text box designs only support fixed height, however.

5) Enter the box's content

The text box may have one or two content areas. In this example, the first content area contains "Box Title", and the second one contains "Insert rich-text" etc...

When editing a content area, a toolbar pops up immediately above the area. For help using all the features of the toolbar, see the content editing tutorial.

6) Select the box's alignment on the page
7) Click Generate!
8) Modify the text box further
Click on the buttons in the orange bar below, they correspond to the fields in the previous form.
9) Insert the text box into your web pages
Use the buttons in the grey bar above your text box. For help inserting the design into your existing web pages, see the tutorial.
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