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GRSites Tutorials: Color Selector
Using the GRSites Color Selector
  1. Select a color pattern: Choose "plain" for a plain uniform color. There are also many choices of pattern: gradients, stripes and dots. If you select one of these, you will need to pick 2 colors below.

  2. Pick a general color

  3. Refine your color choice

  4. The selected color is shown here. You can also modify the hex value of the color, if you wish.

  5. Assign the color: if you chose a color pattern that required more than one color, then the selected color in 4 must be assigned to a slot in 5. You can click on the colored border of the boxes in 5 to put that color back in the selected color box 4.

  6. Optional: choose one of the colors you have used previously. The color you click on appears in 4.

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