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Terms of Commercial Use for Sound Effects



Human Readable Version:

You need the commercial license if you plan to use these sound effects in some piece of software that you sell, like a game or mobile app. It entitles you to download all the sound effects and use them in all your projects. Forever. They are yours. To purchase the commercial license, click here. To purchase the non-commercial license, click here.

Long-Ass Legalese Version:

This Commercial Use License Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) establishes that GRSites.com (hereinafter “Site”) and Gabriel Ross (hereinafter “Owner”), in consideration of Site’s Commercial Use Price (hereinafter “Price”), when Price is paid in full by the individual business person, business entity, or duly authorized representative thereof (hereinafter “Purchaser”) that purchases and downloads a sound effect file from Site for Purchaser’s own commercial use, including edits, copies, or similar variations deriving from Owner’s original works, Owner of Site grants one Commercial Use License (hereinafter “License”) for each sound effect file downloaded at Price and downloaded from Site to Purchaser, in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

Downloaded files may not be copied, duplicated, or otherwise caused to be shared with other parties outside the context of Purchaser’s business, i.e. Purchaser may use said file among employees for the purpose of creating a product, such as a web site, game, mobile application, and the like. The sound effect file itself are not intended for nor permitted to be disseminated privately, to the public, nor used in or for any electronic commercial distribution, e.g. Purchaser may print the file as a hardcopy but may not sell the sound effect file in any way that competes with the express or implied interests of Site or Owner, such as selling said sound effect file or its derivatives, via a CD/DVD, webstore, website, blog, online gallery, or any other electronic medium, wherein the Purchaser places herself/himself/itself in competition with the online sales practices or intents of Owner’s Site.

The Owner of the intellectual property manifest and contained in said sound effect files has no knowledge of any encumbrance or liability pertaining to any sound effect file on Site. Purchaser indemnifies Site and Owner against all liabilities and damages arising from Purchaser use of said sound effect files.

Personal and Commercial License purchases made from Site do not exclude nor preclude Owner from selling other Licenses for the same file to other private persons or commercial entities.

By purchasing and downloading files from Site, Purchaser acknowledges that he/she has read, understands, and agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of this Commercial Use License Agreement, and that Purchaser attests that he/she is a duly authorized purchasing agent of the commercial enterprise he/she has represented to the Owner of this Site, and to its financial agent.

To purchase the commercial license, click here.

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