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Textured Horizontal Drop Down Menu




Step 1:
   Menu Text and URL



Step 2:
   Text Size and Font

Text Size:      Font:

Text Size



Step 3:
   Menu Texture

Background Texture Filename:       
My Textures:

Tile the texture in this preview window?

Customize this texture
(click and follow instructions in titlebar)


Color of the selected menu item should be:
Lighter than the rest of the menu
Darker than the rest of the menu



Step 4:

1) Choose a general color:    
3) Assign the color:     
Selected color:
Menu Mouse Over   
Text Mouse Over   

My Colors:     



Step 5:

Menu Offset:   by   pixels
  by   pixels
Asset Path:
Path to the menu's images, javascript and css files, relative to the HTML file's location. Leave blank to place them in the same folder.
Menu Alignment:
Float Left
Float Right


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